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Trusted Company program

             Dear Customers,

             Our trade gives us numerous means and possibilities to satisfy your forwarding, transport and logistic needs. Because of that our main aim is to work according to your needs and expectations. We are certain that among them are punctual deliveries, flexible procedures depending on the type of your activity or smooth flow of information. It also means that you trust us, your consignees, and that allows you to keep promises regarding your own custome. Competence turned into quality becomes our main target. Our education, knowledge and experience and of our partners combined with organizational skills are key to achieve your satisfaction. Modern methods of management and communication are a base for dynamic management of information which results in fast and effective flow of information between your and our company. We also remember that stability and profitableness of your chain of supplies is a priority for you. We can guarantee them through constant investments in our own modern and reliable means of transport as well as in information technology which is based on stable financial foundations. That gives you grounds for safe activity and creation of your own development, and for us is a possibility for making progress based on your successes.

             At the end we would like to thank you and your organization for being interested in our company. We would like you to recall our offer at the right time and place, just like we can deliver your load competently and on time and to the right place.


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